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Visiting Dallas, the Cowboys of Fort Worth, J.R. of Southfork and a Somber Moment at Dealy Plaza

My girl cousins and I went to a family wedding in Dallas and did a few side trips while we were there. It ended up being a really great girls trip and a reminder of how we need to do this more often!! (ok - well one brought her husband but we needed SOMEONE to take pictures of us, right?) 😀


FIRST STOP; Southfork Dallas

On the agenda was a stop to Southfork of the TV show Dallas (who killed JR?). The show ran from ’78 to ’91 and had millions of viewers in 95 countries. My cousin Kathy was (and is) a devoted fan which made a visit to the ranch a must-see. She had all of us in stitches “helping” our guide of certain aspects (“oh no - Miss Ellie would NOT have like that”).

The guides are great since they’re fans too. Ranch is actually now a great convention center and event facility - on the side. We all know the main attraction is J.R. and

Bobby Ewing……

Southfork Ranch


I don’t know why I can’t find more pictures to post on Instagram of Dealy Plaza but maybe it’s just as well. Being there is what made it real. Seeing the window from the view of Lee Harvey Oswald as he sat waiting for President John F. Kennedy’s car and viewing the route the motorcade took gave me chills. The Sixth Floor Museum/Texas School Book Depository was both a fascinating and poignant visit for us. In the museum, you take a self-guided tour that shows you step by step the timeline of that day. Also includes much of the politics of the era as well as JFK’s early life and legacy. Makes it all the more memorable when you walk outside - again - and view the actual site…….

Dealy Plaza


Totally tourist and totally loved it! The #FortWorth cattle drive along with a #WildWest show made for a totally fun day. Yes - it’s cheesy - but it’s really a GOOD kind of cheesy. Definitely makes you want to buy those cowboy boots and cowboy hat for yourself - which I did. And I love them.

The Stockyard Station

Seriously fun


There is ALWAYS someone who is going to say to you after a trip, "you should have done this." Fact is - to do a city right, you have to spend a month there and most of us don't have a month. So, DON'T SWEAT IT! You'll go again, but even if you don't, you'll have good memories of this trip. You WILL MISS SOMETHING but don't let "those people" make you feel badly. That said, next time I go, I'm going to see these two sights also; the Bishops Arts District and the Dallas Museum of Art. Till next time, Dallas.........

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