Top Three Places to Take Dad for Father's Day (or his birthday!)

Do you realize what day is coming up soon? Yep - it’s Fathers Day and you don’t have a present yet, do you? So we should consider My Top Three Places to Take Dad for Father’s Day.

3. Epcot at DisneyWorld

Your father could be like mine and the best gift for him is a trip to “Italy.” You might think I’m talking about the real Italy - the old country? Or maybe you think it’s his favorite restaurant (and it really is), Olive Garden? But nope - it’s Epcot. Epcot is pure heaven for Dad. Food, food and more food. From EVERYWHERE! What better day could there be than that? And in the meantime, while he’s eating, you can be enjoying the roller coasters and have your family catch you making faces like this....

What a ridiculous fun time we had!

2. Baseball Game at ANY Stadium!

My fathers idea of a really good, fun outing is heading to #Costco. Seriously. I’m not kidding. He loves doing a little shopping and then having that huge hot dog with the works. Let me repeat that. He. Loves. Costco. And hot dogs. And I know my father is not the only one. But it’s Fathers Day! You have to do something better than a Costco outing, right? So #2 on My Top Three Places to Take Dad for Father’s Day is to head to the nearest city and go to a baseball game. Doesn’t even matter where. You can’t get better hot dogs than at a baseball park - and with beer no less! - and he’ll remember that day always as either the greatest baseball game ever or the day he had the best hot dog ever. Doesn’t matter. You, on the other hand, might actually enjoy the game -and a beer.

This was Atlanta, but take Dad to any stadium! He'll love it, even if he says he won't. Seriously.....

1. Scotland

For the final spot of My Top Three Places to Take Dad for Father’s Day is to head ye lads (and lassies) to #Scotland where you can play the gentlemen’s sport of sports, #golf. And in the same way it’s always been played for the last couple of hundred years. In the rough with a caddy that tells you what you’re doing wrong (in the most fun way) and has done a round of drinks with Rory McIlroy. Or you might run into Colin Montgomerie (who raised his middle finger to me once very rudely and mouthed expletives on a Scottish highway. Not kidding. But then how did I know the right lane was the passing lane?) But I digress - have fun, drink lots of #Guiness but don’t eat the haggis. Seriously. Don’t eat haggis. #truestory

Just beautiful.....

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