The Jordan Red Desert; Glamping in Wadi Rum

Standard tents at the site

Have you ever been glamping in the desert? I probably should ask if you’ve ever been glamping at all? I have not though I did do some “regular” camping a long, long while back, but after the time the raccoon made it’s way into our campsite and started devouring the vanilla wafers, I was done.


But the idea of glamorous camping intrigued me so this “hotel with room service kind-of-girl” decided I would do the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan when it was offered.


So there I was in the Red Desert. It really did look like the photos of planet Mars! And I was here in the same spot where they filmed #TheMartian, #StarWars and #LawrenceofArabia. #Starstruck!


The ride to the site was the best as we boarded what they called our “jeep tour,” the beginning of our adventure. Me, a #Toledo girl (from truly Jeep country) getting on our “#jeep” which was really a Toyota pickup truck. I couldn’t stop laughing. But I prepared myself for the sand spraying and off we went.

Dang if I didn’t feel all T. E. Lawrence……

It was a totally different world made up of #Bedouins that live their own life on their own terms (and quite wealthy, oddly enough).


And sure enough, where do we stop halfway through our ride to the glampsite? Why a tribe of Bedouins just happened to be there and were totally willing to let us ride a camel the rest of they way. The Better Half accurately immediately suspected a plot.


I, however, was totally willing to support the local economy so I jumped on and let the 5 year old herder take charge of the largest beast I have ever been near. I’m not kidding. One of the camel herders was a child - and quite adept at it, I might add.


And it really was one of the Best. Times. Ever.

Our tea service

I was so sore by the end of my #camel ride, I was even happy to see the Bedouin rest stop welcoming tent - in the middle of nowhere. We were all offered our welcoming tea - the Bedouins are very hospitable (but also Insert here the #BlazingSaddles movie scene “Does anybody got a dime?”) since donations are always accepted.


The Better Half was waiting for me at the rest stop. He had chosen not to do the camel ride and stay with our most (t)rusted #ToyotaTruckThatThinksItsAJeep and our driver.


So now you’re probably wondering where we went next? Well, all stops were done now and we made it to the site. If I hadn’t felt like Mars before, this site pretty much topped it by Hollywood standards. There were two types of accommodations to choose from - a Bedouin type tent and an upgraded dome type tent that had a glass see through area for full star viewing.


So, after I parked my camel and collected my luggage (only kidding about the parking my camel part - but they really did have a camel parking area #truth ), we made our way to our accommodations.

View from the upgrade

And this “hotel girl” definitely had upgraded us to the dome with glass. The Better Half and I were impressed and pleased. It was a tent larger than any standard hotel room with a full bathroom and two viewing chairs. I was actually glamping and I loved it.


The facility also had a very large dome that contained a banquet area and a smaller outside area was for lounging and dancing. You heard that right - we danced in the desert. The staff started out with Arabic dances, then Greek dances till a Turkish guy hijacked the stereo system and began playing his music. I kid you not. He hijacked it. We proceeded to give him the Turkish stare the rest of the night. #myfriendsknowwhatimean #notbiasedatall #thingshappeninthedesert

True Story.

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P.S. I had to ask my friends for a photo of me riding the camel since I was terrified to hold the camel with only one hand (my camel seemed to bounce - a lot). Does anyone remember who took this photo of us? Thank you!!

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