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Stop Searching. I’ve Got Your Top Three Choices For A Fathers Day Gift

Do you realize what day is coming up soon? Yep — it’s Fathers Day and you don’t have a present yet, do you? Or you haven’t told your family what you’d like yet, right? So you should consider “My Top Three Places to TakeDad for Father’s Day” gift list. As a serious traveler and one who has had father that was difficult to buy for, I have thought very hard on what the perfect gifts should be given to these special men in our lives.

My father has since passed on but your father (or you) could have been like mine was and the best gift for him was a trip to “Italy.” You might think I’m talking about the real Italy — the old country? Or you could get him to think that you’re taking him to his favorite restaurant (and it really was), Olive Garden? But nope — you’re really going to take him to Epcot. Epcot is pure heaven for Dad. Food, food, and more food. From EVERYWHERE! What better day could there be than that? And in the meantime, while he’s eating, you can be enjoying the roller coasters and have your family catch you making faces like this…

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