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My Favorite Travel Moisturizer

#BestMailEver; A surprise in my mail was this #gift from #AugustinusBader. Thank you for the cream! I had tried their face cream because it was free of parabens, etc. and I felt it did a good job on my face. Here’s what their rep, Frederica, told me about the product: “….the TFC8 technology present in our skincare is inspired by Augustinus Bader breakthrough medical treatment that activates and orchestrates the body's own stem cells to repair and regenerate.” It’s expensive but it worked for me. But whatever product you use, don’t forget to use it while you travel to: MOISTURIZE! Below is the link to their site. I would have put the Amazon link here, but Amazon actually charges more than you can get it on the product site. I don't always catch these things, but glad I caught this one. #keepingethical


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