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Going For Your First Solo Trip With (Grand)children?

It was a very, very special fun time for just us - me and my first born grand”sun.” It’s not hard to travel with grandchildren but it does take some prep work!

After years of my being on airplanes dreading the screaming child that would inevitably be seated right by me, my biggest fear was becoming one of THOSE people - the parent/grandparent whose child decides now is the time to have a tantrum (no blame here - just knowing that it happens!).

So my focus on this first solo flight with my #grandsun, was to equip ourselves with everything we needed to amuse for a five hour flight.

Let your child/grandchild have responsibility for their own special "things" in their own backpack.

1) An iPad fully downloaded with children’s movies and entertainment (I know, my daughter says only 30 minutes a day, but we’re in emergency mode on an airplanes so you do what you must!)

2) Headphones equipped with child limiting sound levels

3) lifesavers or gum to keep them swallowing so they don’t get the air pressure buildup. 4) two reading books

5) a coloring items

6) A deck of cards (Go Fish can be played with any deck!)

7) Snacks - but they probably won’t be needed since #AmericanAirlines was WONDERFUL about making sure he had snacks - and juice, plenty of orange juice - to the point where you say, that’s enough, please. We don’t want a sugar crash happening!

And it worked. Along with a short nap, we started our trip with a fun plane experience!

Snacks and Stuff!

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