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Exactly When Do You Buy An Airplane Ticket?

Used to be said in the travel industry that airlines would change their prices weekly on Tuesday at midnight - so that's when you would buy your ticket and get the best price. But if that's no longer true (and it isn't with algorithms now driving the pricing), how DO you determine when to fly?

Well, sometimes it depends on where you're going......

Certain superstitions still hold true for certain countries. BUT - you still have to be traveling to or from that country to get that better price. For example, in the USA traveling on Super Bowl Sunday or September 11 (for reasons obvious to US citizens), you're definitely going to get the best price. Do an online search for those countries you're going to or ask your travel agent. They know which dates work best for those locations.

What about just travel in general?

If you're more tech savvy, there are a few apps out there that help you determine the best price (but then again, your travel agent will have these, too). Among the ones I have used are: Skyscanner, Kiwi, Hipmunk or Hopper. Do you have any other apps that you have used? Let me know!

Looking over the Smoky Montains

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