Austin, Texas on Friday 13th during the Harvest Moon and other weird stories from a weird town...

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

We arrived to a pretty nighttime skyline view of Austin with just enough time to try out the hotel cocktail area. Bartenders were friendly - an early sign of Texas Hospitality!

Pretty Night Skyline View from the Hilton Austin Hotel

Friday morning began our side trip to Waco, Texas, 1 hour 45 min from Austin (about the same form Dallas, btw). Waco, you say? Yes, Waco. Our goals were:

-Magnolia Market (yes this was daughter #1’s highest priority and if you don’t know about Joanna Gaines, the designer, well then I just can’t help you)

-Dr Pepper Museum (bc why not?!!)

-Indian Springs Park and the Suspension Bridge (really pretty and worth a stop!)

-Texas Rangers Museum (now you should know about the rangers! You do this museum if you have someone with you that loves all things military AND/OR history - because this is fun history!)

Can’t do a Girls Trip to Austin (without visiting Magnolia Market and having a terrifying ride on a Party Bike #nopubinvolved

That evening, we were back in Austin - ready for our entertainment! Looking back, It probably wasn’t a good idea to go to Sixth Street on a Friday night. On the 13th. On the night of the Harvest Moon. But we had tickets to the Velveeta Room (known for its stand up comedy) and it was located there. Along with the historical Driskill Hotel with its Cowboy decor (beautiful!) and at least three other well known and respected venues. Why would the locals call it “Dirty Sixth Street?”

The ceiling is actually high but the tiles give it a very cozy feeling

But that night got so weird with so many weird people running around and saying weird things to us that we hightailed it for 5th Street - the “nicer” street. But finding our way through the crowd got a touch scary so when we finally made it to 5th and saw a cute place called the Russian House we ran into it. Why?

Because with all the weirdness going on outside, we decided the KGB would keep us safer. And the bear at the door just confirmed we were right.

Weirdness gone. Russian karaoke here we come. Seriously - this place was so cute these people were drinking vodka and singing. It was all quite fun and we had some Pierogis too. The real Russian way. Which means a bit on the boring side. But whatever, we were out of the crowd and had the best Russian vodka martinis. Life was good.

Yes - that's me and the bear who happens to be a transplant from Russia, btw

Saturday’s big event was a scavenger hunt and it took us back to Sixth Street for

a perfectly fun time. Actually Sixth Street is a good area not unlike Times Square

or Nashville’s Honky Tonk Row. I’m telling you, that other night was because

of the moon…….

The Women in Black are killing it during the #Austin #BrewsandClues #scavengerhunt #GoWIB #WIB for the win!

Have you heard about the Bats of Congress Bridge? Well, you’re about to, so get ready. The Congress Avenue bridge is home to the largest urban bat colony in NORTH AMERICA! 1.5 MILLION OF THEM! Each night from mid-March to early November, they emerge from the bridge as they go out to forage - especially if it’s been hot and dry. And it was! We watched it from the sidelines but I hear it’s better on the boat or kayak looking at them emerge against the night sky. But from that vantage point, you need to watch out for poop……😳

The crowds above and below the bridge

Next day was wine tour day - complete with a driver. (Take note: Drinking responsibly here). And another comedy club that evening - except this one was improv and very very funny! ColdTowne Theater was totally worth it.

We did a grand finale of shopping at the Kendra Scott Flagship store at 1701 S. Congress. Outside they have a signature mural that changes with the seasons and beautiful patios. Inside is so much - their color design bar, one of a kind home decor, diamond area, and a very fine little cafe that has a seasonal rotation of bites and

global wines. On Fridays and Sundays they have high tea, too - by reservation only.

I had only planned on buying one item……but that resolve didn’t last long in this beautiful surrounding. 😉

And if you're wondering if anyone from Austin would get offended by the title of this blog? Fear not, they love to #keepAustinWeird

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