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An Airplane Environment with No Choice on Seats, Spaces or......Smells

OPINION ALERT! My sense of smell is my nemesis sometimes. There are restaurants that I can’t do because of certain smells much to the disappointment of the Better Half. So where am I going with this? To the plane. In a seat where I have no choice on companions or space…..or the smells that might surround me. There was one particular trip where I sat with a perfume scented tissue on my nose attempting to absorb the smell of the person in front of me. Horrible trip. That’s not to mention the looks I got from some other passengers that didn’t have the “Nose Vantage” point that I had. BUT -this led to a search on my part for the solution AND I FOUND IT! Roll-on essential oils (from Amazon, your local health store or anywhere!) saved my traveling life. And I am happy to share that with you. Just a drop on the tip of your nose takes all the bad smells away! And good thing too, because I just finished another flight with one of THOSE people……oh my…..but I was saved!


You can find my favorite oil through clicking the photo below.


Happy Traveling!


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